Important Notice Following Hurricane Ian

Update (11/14/2022)

Platinum Interchange

We are here for you!

As a result of the devastation from the hurricane we would like you to know we can assist with your deposit and exchange needs.

Until November 30, 2022 we are taking use time deposits within 60 days with no late fee.

Call us today at 1-800-854-2324 , we are ready to get you back to traveling when you are ready.


Update (10/10/2022)

Important Update!!!  You may have heard the good news that property owners and business owners will be allowed on the island starting tomorrow.  THAT DOES NOT MEAN US!!!  Mary and our management company will be going Monday to meet our insurance adjusters and start the process of determining the stability of our buildings and property.   If any of us (individual unit week owners) decide to show up – it could VOID our insurance.   Please stay tuned for updates here but do not plan to go to the property until we are ready for our owners to be there.   Thank YOU so much for understanding.



Update (9/30/2022)

The Caribbean Beach Club team is safe.

We appreciate your concern and ask that you not contact the staff by phone or text at this time.

Caribbean Beach Club is currently closed until further notice.

We ask that you not arrive unless you have received confirmation from the Resort staff.

Please check back for updates.

Thank you for your patience.

Notice Following Hurricane Ian