Ian Recovery FAQ

“Recovering from hurricane Ian is a complicated task with many dimensions, many uncertainties, many options to choose from, and many vendors to manage.  Naturally owners are concerned about the future of their timeshare property, and want to feel reassured that repair efforts will be effective, cost effective, and timely.

Below are some of the most important comments we can make in the format of Q&A.

Note: the list is being constructed – come back for more later

Q:  Why doesn’t insurance cover all of our loss? 

A:  The short answer is that there are limits to how much the policies will pay, and there are deductibles that apply.  The limit for flood damage to the south building was relatively low since we had to buy from a government program because the building does not meet hurricane protection requirements for private flood insurance – the middle and north building do meet those standards.  Also, our insurance policies have higher deductibles when damage comes from a “named storm” like Ian.  Insurers do that to protect themselves from going bankrupt when a giant storm causes widespread damage.

Q:  Shouldn’t the board have bought more insurance?

A:  etc.

Notice Following Hurricane Ian