Maintenance Fees

Maintenance Fees

General Information About Maintenance Fees

  • Owners are responsible for paying an annual maintenance fee for each unit week they own. The management company, Tricom Management, bills the fees, collects payment, and keeps your account records.


  • Individual invoices containing the billed amount for each unit week are sent to owners via US Mail by Tricom late in the calendar year. Payment is due by January 1 with a grace period to January 31.


  • Your invoice contains line items that break the total amount due into several components, which include an amount to cover annual operating expenses, an amount that goes into reserves for future major expenses, a separate amount to pay for property taxes, and any adjustments or prepayments to your account.  In Tricom’s system each unit week has its own account number, so that if you own multiple unit weeks you will have multiple accounts and invoices.  If you have questions about your invoice, please call Tricom at (714) 696-3333 for assistance.


  • The CBC Association encourages you to pay your maintenance fees by mailing a check or using electronic funds transfer on-line, which saves a significant processing fee charged by the credit card companies.  Credit card payments are possible, however, but subject to a transaction fee for each unit week being paid.


  • Paying by check sent via US Mail will probably be easiest and least costly for most owners, and we encourage you to do that. 


  • However, you can pay your fees online by electronic funds transfer from your bank account or with a credit card.  Tricom uses a third party vendor to handle these payments.  To use this service, go to where you will need to enter your name and account number for each unit week you wish to pay.  You have to “register” each account first, using your email address and setting a password, and then you can pay using your bank or credit card information.  The vendor’s website does not contain any information about your account history but does know the current balance due.


  • If you have a question about your account status, please call Tricom Accounts receivable at (714) 696-3333.


  • If you would like to request a duplicate or replacement invoice, please call Tricom Accounts receivable at (714) 696-3333.


  • If you wish to deposit a week in a future year with any exchange company, you must first pay the estimated maintenance fee for that future year.  The amount to pay is the current year fee amount.  If the actual fee eventually charged is different, you will then be responsible for any balance due.


  • Important Note: You cannot occupy your unit, rent it out, or deposit it with any exchange company if you have not first paid your maintenance fee in full.


2024 Maintenance Fees

The board has approved the following maintenance fee amounts per unit week for 2024, billed in late 2023 and due by January 1, 2024 with a grace extension period to January 31.

Operating – $643.00
Reserves – $62.00
Real Estate Taxes – vary by unit and week, ranging from to $16 to $56

Notice Following Hurricane Ian