Ian Recovery Updates

Update 1/13/2023

We have continued to make progress on our resort as it relates to repairs and remediation.   There are several projects that are in process and the Board has approved the following:

  • Pool equipment and replacement – we have one bid from the Company that originally did all the pool work in weeks 36 and 37 but are waiting on a second bid for comparison.   For any large purpose, at least two bids are expected to ensure we get a good balance of pricing and timing.
  • We received multiple bids for the roof repair.    Those bids were for the shingle roof replacement needed for the repair as well as for the full roof replacement to a treated aluminum roof similar to what is on the South Building.   The Shingle repair bid was $80,000 and the roof replacement bid was $185,000.    The Board made the decision to replace the roof of both the North and Middle building with the treated aluminum due to the impact to future expenses, including insurance and repair.   Because the roof damage was caused by a named storm, no insurance payments will be made as our deductible is higher than both bids.  For the shingle roof repair, we would have a 5 year warranty on the work that is done to repair the roof.   There is no warranty on the actual materials and if there is subsequent damage due to a named storm, we will have to spend our dollars for that repair.   We have spent dollars to repair this roof in every named storm in the past several years.    For the treated aluminum roof, there is a 25 year warranty on installation and materials with an additional 50 year warranty on the coating of the aluminum.  For the same storms of the past several years, no repairs have been needed or made to the metal roof on the South building.    Both repair costs and warranties contributed to the Board’s decision to invest in the metal roof.   There is no incremental cost or assessment to owners as a result of this decision as this expense is covered in existing funding.
  • Timing for the roof repair will be approximately 3 weeks after permits are received and permits are currently taking 3 weeks to obtain.   Submission for the permits will be made the week of January 16th, 2023.
  • We are waiting on a second bid for the elevator repair in an attempt to get a more timely repair.   The current bid will require up to 9 months to repair and so we are trying to see if we can get a shorter timeframe.  This repair will cost us the $25,000 deductible on our insurance with the balance ($200,000) being paid by insurance.

Additional updates will occur as new information and timing is received.



Update (12/20/2022)

Wishing all of our owners and previous guests a very joyful, healthy and safe Holiday season.   Your Caribbean Beach Club is working on repairs and updates from Hurricane Ian with good milestones achieved in the past 90 days.   We have both power and water to our North and Middle buildings and we are working closely with contractors to repair the roofs, provide for a new elevator in the North building, to replace our pool equipment to ensure both pool and hot tub are working and replacing all of the railing washed away from the storm surge.    Keep visiting this site for more updates on when we will be open and ready for you to return to your “home away from home.”


Update (11/14/2022)

Platinum Interchange

We are here for you!

As a result of the devastation from the hurricane we would like you to know we can assist with your deposit and exchange needs.

Until November 30, 2022 we are taking use time deposits within 60 days with no late fee.

Call us today at 1-800-854-2324 , we are ready to get you back to traveling when you are ready.


Update (10/10/2022)

Important Update!!!  You may have heard the good news that property owners and business owners will be allowed on the island starting tomorrow.  THAT DOES NOT MEAN US!!!  Mary and our management company will be going Monday to meet our insurance adjusters and start the process of determining the stability of our buildings and property.   If any of us (individual unit week owners) decide to show up – it could VOID our insurance.   Please stay tuned for updates here but do not plan to go to the property until we are ready for our owners to be there.   Thank YOU so much for understanding.



Update (9/30/2022)

The Caribbean Beach Club team is safe.

We appreciate your concern and ask that you not contact the staff by phone or text at this time.

Caribbean Beach Club is currently closed until further notice.

We ask that you not arrive unless you have received confirmation from the Resort staff.

Please check back for updates.

Thank you for your patience.

Notice Following Hurricane Ian